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Tenant Active System:

Comprehensive communications and security system for shopping centres, retail and leisure complexes

It's a sad but inescapable fact that our world is simultaneously getting less safe and more unpredictable. Risk management and regulatory compliance, intrinsic to financial services since the banking disasters of the 1990s, are now part of the daily diet for managers in most industries.

In addressing that issue, and helping to put the retail industry on the road to a better-integrated future, we believe that the introduction of the Tenant Active System represents a major step towards a more secure retail and leisure experience at shopping centres; reducing risk, improved operational efficacy and delivers increased revenue opportunities. The real commercial advantages for businesses and the significant enjoyment dividends for citizens simply come as a welcome bonus.

Communications in shopping centres

Tenant Active System (TAS) enables cost effective two-way data, alerts and voice communications between centre management and individual tenanted units within a shopping centre, retail or leisure complex.

Security and alerts

Essential risk management applications such as security alerts share the platform with powerful business applications, enabling comprehensive security alerts against threats such as organised gangs, opportunistic crimes, and terrorist threats with shopping centre environments.

Safer, lower-risk, retail complexes

Assuring a demonstrably safer environment, and reducing risk through fast communications together with automatically generated audit trails.

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